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Mirable Plus

Ultra-fine bubble shower head

Sprung Life Solution

Compare the difference.

Mirable Plus transforms your shower into a shower with ultra-fine bubbles that reach deep into pores and provide an excellent cleaning effect, simply by replacing the shower head.
Just by showering as usual, over 20 million ultra-fine bubbles per cc will get between pores and wrinkles, absorbing dirt and washing it away cleanly.

※1 Ultra-fine bubbles: Bubbles with a diameter of less than 1 μm (the international standard defined by ISO).These bubbles are smaller than microbubbles and have excellent cleansing power.
※2 Fine Bubble Industry Association 1b Certification (a system which certifies bubble generation for all products)

A shower head with the gentleness of a facial device

Adds gentleness to the skin with ultra fine bubbles

sprung sprung

Remove dirt and oil with water and air

Mirable Plus is a breakthrough shower head that can alternate between vigorous streams to a fine mist that delivers ultra-fine bubbles to pores.
The shower head has a built-in special mechanism that generates ultra-fine air-mixed water with high cleansing power via ultra-fine bubbles.Showering with the Mirable Plus is like showering in silk.
Water containing ultra-fine bubbles has demonstrated outstanding cleansing power.
Additionally, by connecting a Tornado Stick adapter, the chlorine reduction function is added and the amount of fine bubbles is increased.

※1 Ultra fine bubbles are bubbles smaller than 1 μm (0.001 mm) (the international standard defined by ISO), which are even smaller than micro bubbles and have excellent cleansing power.
※2 Shower head and mist generation unit are both patented technology (Patent 6717991).
*The Tornado Stick can also be used by connecting to the conventional Mirable body.

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